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07.07.2018 CDLX 7346

K1 Haydn's Mass in Time of War
Mass in Time of War (Missa in Tempore Belli) / Symphony No. 96 in D major “Miracle”

Patricia Wells soprano / Gwendolyn Killebrew contralto / Alan Titus baritone / Michael Devlin bass-baritone / The Norman Scribner Choir / New York Philharmonic - Leonard Bernstein

07.07.2018 CDLX 7349

K2 Gilbert & Cellier: The Mountebanks
This is a revival of a charming light opera – the “G&S” opera that Sullivan didn’t write. W.S. Gilbert’s partner in the enterprise was Alfred Cellier / Cellier - Suite Symphonique BR>
BBC Concert Orchestra - John Andrews / SORAYA MAFI soprano - Teresa / THOMAS ELWIN tenor - Alfredo / JAMES CLEVERTON baritone - Arrostino

07.07.2018 CDLX 7350

K1 Charles Villiers Stanford
Concert Overture / Concerto in D for Violin and Orchestra / Concerto in B flat for Piano and Orchestra

Royal Northern Sinfonia - Martin Yates conductor / Leon McCawley piano / Sergey Levitin violin

07.07.2018 CDLX 7352

K1 Ina Boyle
Overture for orchestra / Concerto for violin and orchestra / Symphony No. 1 “Glencree” (In the Wicklow Hills) / Wildgeese: Sketch for small orchestra / Psalm for cello and orchestra / Sea Poem: Theme, variations and finale for orchestra / SACD-ONLY BONUS TRACK: Colin Clout

BBC Concert Orchestra - Ronald Corp conductor / Benjamin Baker violin / Nadège Rochat cello

07.07.2018 CDLX 7354

K1 Edward Elgar: Short Orchestral Works
Air de Ballet /Sevillaña (Scène Espagnole), Op. 7 /Salut d’amour, Op. 12 /Three Bavarian Dances, Op. 27 /Minuet, Op. 21 /Chanson de Nuit, Op. 15, No. 1 and 2 /Sérénade Lyrique – Mélodie /Three Characteristic Pieces, Op. 10 /May-Song /Canto Popolare arr. Elgar for small orchestra /Pleading, Op. 48 /Carissima / Rosemary / Mina / SACD BONUS TRACKS Falstaff, Op. 68 – two interludes

BBC Concert Orchestra - Martin Yates / Victor Sangiorgio, piano

07.07.2018 CDSML8532

K1 In Deodato’s case, it was the Sunrise fanfare from Richard Strauss’s Also Sprach Zarathustra, which had become popular through its use in Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi epic 2001: A Space Odyssey. Deodato’s funked up, Fender Rhodes-laden reimagining of it brought both him and CTI chart success – it would become an international hit – and while it casts a long shadow over the remainder of the album, Prelude nevertheless contains several other gems. Notable among them is the Latin-flavoured jazz of Carly & Carole (Deodato’s tribute to singer-songwriters Carly Simon and Carole King) and the low-slung funk of September 13, powered by Billy Cobham’s muscular drumming.

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