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Ivar Hallström - Den Bergtagna (The Bride of the Mountain King)
EAN: 7393338001225
Prisgrupp: D2
  • Ivar Hallström (1826–1901)
  • Den bergtagna (The Bride of the Mountain King)
  • opera in five acts
Framförd av: Umeå Symphony Orchestra - Alan Hacker / Choir from the Norrland Opera - B. Tommy Andersson / Soloists: Monica Sjöholm / Hillevi Martinpelto / Lars Billengren / Helge Lannerbäck / Karl-Robert Lindgren / Lars Tibell / Berit Lindholm / Bengt Krantz
The most important opera composer Sweden ever had. There are clear traces of folk music in this huge National Romantic opera, which was performed on numerous occasions at the Royal Opera in Stockholm during the 1870s.

Jacob Axel Josephson - Symphony
EAN: 7393338100324
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Jacob Axel Josephson
  • Symphony in E flat major
  • Festive March
  • Songs
  • Islossningen
Framförd av: Kungliga Akademiska kapellet / Per Åke Andersson / Elisabeth Söderström, soprano / Jan Eyron, piano / Erik Sædén, baritone / Stig Westerberg, piano / Rolf Leanderson,baritone / Christer Solén, tenor / Orphei Drängar / Gävle Radio Orchestra - Eric Ericson
Mendelssohn is never far away from the work of this neglected composer, whose choral works – including Islossningen – are still performed on occasion by Orphei Drängar. A radio recording of that piece is included here. Note the almost painfully beautiful oboe solo in the second movement of the symphony!

Wilhelm Stenhammar
Piano Concerto No. 1
EAN: 7393338100423
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Wilhelm Stenhammar
  • Piano Concerto No.1
  • Late Summer Nights
Framförd av: Irène Mannheimer, piano / Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra - Charles Dutoit
A truly ‘classic’ recording. Irène Mannheimer is a doyenne of Swedish concert life – in particular in the area of lyrical, Romantic Swedish piano music. This is the only recording to feature Kurt Atterberg’s orchestration of the concerto; Stenhammar’s orchestral score was formerly believed to have been lost.

Lindblad / Ölander
EAN: 7393338100522
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Adolf Fredrik Lindblad
  • Symphony No. 2 in D major
  • Per August Ölander
  • Symphony in E flat major
Framförd av: Gävle Symphony Orchestra - Mats Liljefors / Västerås Symphony Orchestra - Harry Damgaard
A delicious coupling: Lindberg’s Second Symphony, a homogeneous, well-written work, and Ölander’s symphony. Ölander had a great musical talent, although by profession he was a customs officer. The trio of the third movement directly anticipates later composers such as Alfvén and Peterson-Berger.

Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
EAN: 7393338100621
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
  • Symphony No.1 in B flat major, ‘Baneret’
  • Symphony No. 5 in B minor, ‘Solitudo’
Framförd av: Kungliga Hovkapellet - Leif Segerstam
The first and last of Peterson-Berger’s symphonies. No. 1 is fresh and full of youthful fighting spirit. No. 5 shows the quiet reflectiveness and nostalgia of the mature composer.

Jakob Adolf Hägg
EAN: 7393338100720
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Jakob Adolf Hägg
  • Nordic Symphony
  • Overtures
  • American Festival Music
Framförd av: Gävleborg Symphony Orchestra - Mats Liljefors / Göran W Nilson
Hägg indeed possessed a talent that was allowed to stagnate. The front cover of the CD features Josephson’s famous portrait of the composer, in which he gazes dreamily towards the prospect of future greatness… The symphony clearly shows the influence of Schumann – but Hägg had a tremendous melodic gift, as is evident from the two overtures.

Gustav Bengtsson
EAN: 7393338100829
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Gustav Bengtsson
  • Vettern, symphonic poem
  • Symphony No.1 in C minor
  • I Vadstena kloster, suite
Framförd av: Gävle Symphony Orchestra - Mats Liljefors
Here we are in the golden age of Romanticism. ‘Vettern’ is a Swedish equivalent of Smetana’s ‘Vltava’: a large-scale piece of tone painting with two splendid, contrasting and quite unique principal motifs. The symphony – in particular the second movement – will appeal to anyone who enjoys the music of Rachmaninov. The suite ‘I Vadstena kloster’ is a classic with its quiet brushstrokes depicting the calm, idyllic atmosphere of Vadstena monastery.

Swedish Overtures
EAN: 7393338100928
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Franz Berwald
  • Modehandlerskan
  • Jag går i kloster (Operette i 2 acter)
  • Jacopo Foroni
  • Overture No. 3 in A major
  • Joseph Martin Kraus
  • Proserpine
  • Ludwig Norman
  • Festouverture
  • Andreas Randel
  • Värmläningarna
  • August Söderman
  • Hin ondes lärospån
Framförd av: St. Petersburg Hermitage Orchestra - Mats Liljefors / Kungl.Hovkapellet - Stig Westerberg
The CD transfer of an original LP, with some additions. The Berwald overtures are major, skilfully composed works in his personal style. The music in this collection varies greatly in character. Foroni is dramatic and intense; Söderman has traces of folk music and individual thematic material…

Kurt Atterberg
EAN: 7393338100928
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Kurt Atterberg
  • Symphony No.1
  • Symphony No. 4
Framförd av: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Stig Westerberg / Norrköping Symphony Orchestra - Sten Frykberg
Can a composer write more contrasting symphonies than these? The First is a powerful, stormy piece of music, with a second movement that is humble, sentimental and beautiful. The Fourth is more idyllic and delicate – and is here conducted by the legendary Sten Frykberg.