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Strindberg in Music
EAN: 7393338101123
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Tor Aulin (1866–1914)
  • Mäster Olof Suite
  • Ture Rangström (1884–1947)
  • Dithyramb
Framförd av: Örebro Symphony Orchestra - Göran W Nilson
It is strange that Aulin did not write more orchestral music. Here he shows a talent for drama in the music for ‘Mäster Olof’! Rangström’s symphonic poem ‘Dityramb’ is similarly tautly written and individual.

Hugo Alfvén Orchestral Suites
EAN: 7393338101222
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Hugo Alfvén (1872-1960)
  • En bygdesaga, Op. 53
  • Synnöve Solbakken, Op. 50
Framförd av: Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra - Hans-Peter Frank / Norrköping Symphony Orchestra - Harry Damgaard
Alfvén considered becoming a painter; the front cover painting of this CD is by the composer. Some of the musical material here comes from films; the composer subsequently assembled it into highly charged, folk-inspired symphonic poems.

Oscar Lindberg - Requiem
EAN: 7393338101321
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Oscar Lindberg (1887–1955)
  • Requiem, Op. 21
  • Choral pieces a cappella - Pingst
  • Choral pieces a cappella - På Allhelgonadagen
  • Choral pieces a cappella - Bönens ros
  • Choral pieces a cappella - Stilla sköna aftontimma
  • Florez and Blanzeflor, Op.12
Framförd av: Orchestra of the Stockholm University College of Music - Hans Kyhle / Iwa Sörenson, soprano / Edith Thallaug, alto / Christer Solén, tenor / Erik Sädén, bass / Olle Johansson, organ / Oratory Choir of Engelbrekt Church, Stockholm / Motet Choir of Engelbrekt Church, Stockholm - Hans Kyhle / Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Stig Westerberg
Oskar Lindberg’s duties as organist and choirmaster at the Engelbrekt church in Stockholm made him one of Sweden’s finest choral specialists. The Requiem is a stately and very passionate work, coupled on this CD with some beautiful a cappella pieces.

Ture Rangström
EAN: 7393338101420
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Ture Rangström (1884–1947)
  • Symphony No. 1 in C sharp minor ‘August Strindberg in memoriam’
  • Symphony No. 3 in D sharp minor ‘Song under the Stars’
Framförd av: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Leif Segerstam / Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra - Janos Fürst
There are few pauses or moments of repose in Rangström’s ‘Strindberg’ symphony; it is indeed rare to find a composer with such an individual, intense tone.

Oskar Lindberg - Symfoni i F
EAN: 7393338101529
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Oskar Lindberg (1887–1955)
  • Symphony in F major, Op.16
  • Fiddler Per, He Fiddled, Op.32
  • Three Impressions of Travel, Op.20
Framförd av: Örebro Symphony Orchestra - Stig Westerberg
The legendary StigWesterberg was the ideal conductor for these pieces. The symphony is a pictorial, eclectic depiction of nature. These three symphonic works are densely orchestrated pieces with terse thematic invention.

Elfrida Andrée
EAN: 7393338101628
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Elfrida Andrée (1841–1929)
  • Fritiof Suite
  • Symphony in A minor
Framförd av: Stockholm Symphony Orchestra - Gustaf Sjökvist
Elfrida Andrée was a Reinecke pupil, and his style is recognizable in the ‘Fritiof Suite’, originally an opera, with its lively orchestration. The composer thought that it would be more frequently performed as an orchestral suite, however, and thus prepared the version recorded here.

Ruben Liljefors
EAN: 7393338101727
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Ruben Liljefors (1871–1936)
  • Symphony in E flat major, Op.14
  • Piano Concerto in F minor, Op. 5
Framförd av: Irène Mannheimer, piano / Gävleborg Symphony Orchestra - Mats Liljefors
One can almost smell the scent of the forest in this taut, warm-toned music. Ruben Liljefors was the brother of the artist Bruno Liljefors, whose work is featured on the cover.

Romantic Danish Overtures
EAN: 7393338101826
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Edouard Du Puy
  • Ungdom og galskab - Ouverture
  • Johan Hartmann
  • Liden Kirsten - Ouverture
  • Peter Heise
  • Drot og Marsk - Ouverture
  • C.F.E. Horneman
  • Aladdin - Eventyr Ouverture
  • Fredrik Kuhlau
  • William Shakespeare - Ouverture
  • C.E.F. Weyse
  • Sovedrikken - Ouverture
Framförd av: Det kongelige Kapel - Johan Hye-Knudsen
A collection of nineteenth-century Danish overtures.Weyse in particular impresses with the delicate clarinet writing in his Mozart-inspired overture.

Natanael Berg
EAN: 7393338101925
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Natanael Berg (1879–1957)
  • Suite from ‘Birgitta’
  • Piano Concerto in C sharp minor
  • Symphony No. 4, ‘Pezzo sinfonico’
Framförd av: Jacob Moscovicz, piano / Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra - Per Borin / Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Stig Westerberg / Göran W Nilson
Natanael Berg, a contemporary of Atterberg, had to earn a living as a vet rather than enjoying a career as a composer, for which he had trained. In particular the Piano Concerto follows the pattern of many large-scale piano concertos of the era, inspired by Tchaikovsky.

Otto Olsson
EAN: 7393338102021
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Otto Olsson (1879–1964)
  • Symphony in G minor, Op.11
Framförd av: Gävleborg Symphony Orchestra - Mats Liljefors
Here is something almost unbelievable. A huge Swedish symphony by a composer who is almost unknown in this field! Most of Olsson’s music was written for the organ; Sibelius was among his main sources of inspiration. The long third movement is unique in Swedish music with its beautiful slow melodies.