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Armas Järnefelt
EAN: 7393338102120
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Armas Järnefelt (1869–1958)
  • Ouverture lyrique
  • Korsholm
  • Berceuse
  • Præludium
  • Music from ‘Sången om den eldröda blomman’ and ‘Det förlovade landet’
Framförd av: Gävle Symphony Orchestra - Hannu Koivula
Armas Järnefelt – brother-in-law of Sibelius – is principally remembered as conductor of the Stockholm Opera, a post he held for many years, and as the composer of the idyllic ‘Berceuse’ for orchestra. This CD also contains larger-scale orchestral works; ‘Korsholm’, a magnificent symphonic poem in aWagnerian, late-Romantic spirit, describes how the Swedes introduced Christianity to Finland.

Hans Huber - A Great Discovery
EAN: 739333810229
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Hans Huber (1852–1921)
  • Symphony No.2 in E minor, Op.115 ‘Böcklin Symphony’
  • A Comedy Overture, Op.50
  • Symphonic Prologue to the Opera ‘Der Simplicius’
Framförd av: Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra - Jörg-Peter Weigle
The first disc in a series featuring Switzerland’s foremost Romantic composer. The music clearly shows the influence of Brahms; the symphony, however, is at times more daring in its harmonies, with stormy and grandiose sonorities.

Wilhelm Stenhammar - Cantatas
EAN: 7393338102328
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871–1927)
  • Ett folk (One People)
  • Kantat till Allmänna Konst- och Industriutställningen (Stockholm Exhibition Cantata)
Framförd av: Storkyrkan Choir / Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir – Gustaf Sjökvist / Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, baritone / Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir – Thomas Dausgaard / Birgitta Rydholm, soprano / Annika Hudak, Alto / Johan Christensson, Tenor / Mats Persson, baritone
Two huge cantatas, one written in response to a commission from the Stockholm Exhibition in 1897. In many movements of the Stockholm cantata, Stenhammar even anticipates Shostakovich, describing in music the advance of machinery.

Otto Olsson - Introduction and Scherzo
EAN: 7393338102427
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Otto Olsson (1879–1964)
  • Introduktion och Scherzo
  • Fire Klaverstykker Op.2
  • Sex Scherzi Op.9
  • Tre pianostycken
  • Elegiska Dancer Op.34
Framförd av: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra - Gunnar Staern / Irène Mannheimer, piano
Irène Mannheimer shows her mettle in the 20-minute-long ‘Introduction and Scherzo’ – inspired by the playful elegance of Saint-Saëns.

Oscar Byström
EAN: 7393338102526
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Oscar Byström (1821–1909)
  • Symphony in D minor
  • Andantino
  • Overture in D major
  • Overture to ‘Herman Vimpel’
  • Concert Waltzes Nos.1 & 3
Framförd av: Gävle Symphony Orchestra - Carlos Spierer
Finally on record! Berwald was the inspiration for his colleague Byström. The symphony has devilish and ingenious elements, and the CD also features a beautiful, sweeping orchestral Andantino. Full of feeling and atmosphere.

Kurt Atterberg
EAN: 7393338102625
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Kurt Atterberg (1887–1974)
  • Symphony No.7 Op.45 ‘Sinfonia Romantica’
  • Symphony No.8 Op.48
Framförd av: Malmö Symphony Orchestra - Michail Jurowski
Atterberg allows Swedish folk music to gush forth in symphonic guise – especially in the Eighth Symphony, which features many recognizable melodies. An immaculate recording by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra!

Hans Huber - Symphony No. 5
EAN: 7393338102724
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Hans Huber (1852–1921)
  • Symphony No. 5 ‘Romantic’ in F major, with solo violin
  • First Serenade ‘Summer Nights’ in E major, Op.86
Framförd av: Hansheinz Schneeberger, violin / Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra - Jörg-Peter Weigle
Two works of a more idyllic nature than those on the first Huber CD. Mendelssohn is never far away from the ‘Summer Nights’ serenade – a hot, trembling summer night with atmospheric woodwind solos. The symphony on this disc is almost like a violin concerto in which the composer gives a musical description of a mediæval legend, with tone paintings in the spirit of Berlioz.

Andreas Hallén - Christmas Oratorio
EAN: 7393338102823
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Andreas Hallén (1846–1925)
  • Ett Juloratorium
    (A Christmas Oratorio)
Framförd av: Lena Hoel, soprano / Mathias Zachariassen, tenor /Swedish Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra - B. Tommy Andersson
It is indeed a mystery that this Christmas Oratorio is not a standard repertoire work in Sweden. A jubilant, splendid, grandiose and at times highly impassioned and beautiful work by a real master – who was held in low esteem during his lifetime because of his contentious opinions.

Albert Rubenson
EAN: 7393338102922
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Albert Rubenson (1826–1901)
  • Drapa
  • Symphony in C major
  • Symphonic Intermezzo
  • Trois Pièces symphoniques
Framförd av: Umeå Symphony Orchestra - Roy Goodman
This is a unique production. A masterful composer, today almost entirely forgotten, who – after studies in Leipzig together with Ludvig Norman – attempted to reform Swedish musical life. Unfortunately he failed, and the composer ended up as a conscientious inspector at what was then the Stockholm Conservatory of Music; he often crossed swords with Alfvén, who studied there. Peterson-Berger must have been influenced by Rubenson’s very striking and varied style.

August Söderman - Catholic Mass
EAN: 7393338103028
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • August Söderman (1832–76)
  • Catholic Mass (1875)
  • Die Wallfahrt nach Kevlaar (1859–66)
Framförd av: Musikhögskolans symfoniorkester - Per Borin / Ann-Christine Biet, soprano / Birgitta Svendén, mezzo-soprano / Claes-Håkan Ahnsjö, tenor / Curt Appelgren, bass / Musikhögskolans stora kör / Musikhögskolans kammarkör / Per Arne Wahlgren, baritone
Söderman, perhaps Sweden’s greatest musical genius, wrote only a few large-scale, fully developed works. This oratorio was written towards the end of the composer’s life.Wonderful leaps and individual, concise themes characterize the music; this recording (listen and be amazed!) is by pupils of the College of Music in Stockholm. Such pupils render their teachers redundant.