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Eduard Brendler - Ryno
EAN: 7393338103127
Prisgrupp: D2
  • Eduard Brendler (1800–31)
  • Ryno
  • (play with music in three acts)
Framförd av: Soloists / Members of the Choir of Stora Teatern, Gothenburg / Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra / Anders Wiklund
Another example of a composer who, because of the brevity of his career, never developed to the full. Mozart was certainly a source of inspiration for Brendler, and the opera is presented in a stylistically and musicologically authentic version prepared by AndersWiklund, who also conducts the recording.

Wilhelm Stenhammar - Tirfing
EAN: 7393338103325
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871–1927)
  • Tirfing (Scenes from the opera)
Framförd av: Ingrid Tobiasson, mezzo-soprano (Hervor/Hervardur) / Carina Morling, soprano (Gullväg) / Jesper Taube, baritone (Shepherd) / Royal Opera Orchestra, Stockholm - Leif Segerstam
Marvellous music! The Stenhammar expert BoWallner has made the selection heard on this recording, including great alto scenes from the opera. Ingrid Tobiasson’s unique voice led to the CD being nominated for a Grammy. Those who have heard it will understand why…

Kurt Atterberg - Piano Concerto
EAN: 7393338103424
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Kurt Atterberg (1887–1974)
  • Piano Concerto in B flat minor Op.37
  • Violin Concerto in E minor Op.7
Framförd av: Dan Franklin Smith, piano / Christian Bergqvist, violin / Gävle Symphony Orchestra - B. Tommy Andersson
Atterberg’s two concertos fulfil every wish of lovers of great, late-Romantic concertos. The Violin Concerto is influenced by Sibelius and is played with great fervour by Christian Bergqvist, leader of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Ernst Mielck
EAN: 7393338103523
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Ernst Mielck (1877–99)
  • Symphony in F minor Op.4
  • Concert Piece in E minor for Piano and Orchestra
Framförd av: Liisa Pohjola, piano / Turku Philharmonic Orchestra - Hannu Lintu
A gripping fate. The composer passed away at the age of just 22. Sibelius regarded him as very promising – indeed, he was the first Finnish composer to write a ‘proper’ symphony. Especially the second movement is very attractive, whilst the great, calm seriousness of the third movement might be said to anticipate the composer’s all too early demise.

Hugo Alfvén
EAN: 7393338103622
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Hugo Alfvén (1872–1960)
  • At the Turn of the Century
  • Cantata for the 1917 Reformation Festivities in Uppsala
  • The Bells
Framförd av: Lena Hoel, soprano / Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, baritone / Royal Philharmonic Choir of Stockholm / Gävle Symphony Orchestra - Stefan Parkman
Sound and jubilation. The cantata ‘At the Turn of the Century’ is veritable large-scale music which heralds the start of a new century (the twentieth) with drums and trumpets. The ‘Reformation Cantata’ is based, not surprisingly, on Luther’s ‘Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott’. It is striking to see the influence of Mendelssohn upon a much later composer…

Hans Huber - Symphony No. 3-6
EAN: 7393338103721
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Hans Huber (1852–1921)
  • Symphony No.3 in C major Op.118 ‘Heroic’
  • Symphony No.6 in A major Op.134
Framförd av: Barbara Baier, soprano / Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra - Jörg-Peter Weigle
Symphonies by Huber that are typical of their time. The subsidiary theme of the first movement of the Sixth Symphony is wholly disarming, and shows Huber at his best. This is music that repays repeated listening. The third movement of the Third Symphony has also been used as ballet music. After hearing the ‘Dies iræ’ melody transformed into a sweeping waltz, this hardly seems surprising…

Ludvig Norman
EAN: 7393338103820
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Ludvig Norman (1831–85)
  • Symphony No.1 in F major Op.22
  • Symphony No.3 in D minor Op.58
Framförd av: National Symphony Orchestra of South Africa - Mika Eichenholz
Finally these two Schumann-inspired works are available on disc. The Third Symphony deserves to belong to the standard Swedish orchestral repertoire. Here Norman has developed his talent to the full.

Francois Auber
EAN: 7393338103929
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Francois Auber (1782–1871)
  • Jenny Bell - Overtur
  • L’Enfant prodigue - Overtur
  • La Sirène - Overtur
  • Le Premier Jour de bonheur - Overtur
  • Vendôme en Espagne, bolero and ballet music
  • Le Dieu et la bayadère, overture and ballet music
  • La Muette de Portici, ballet music
Framförd av: Gothenburg Opera Orchestra - B. Tommy Andersson
How gratifying it is to breathe new life into one of the absolute masters of French operatic literature. It is amazing that he could have been forgotten amid his similarly disposed colleagues Rossini and Offenbach. The orchestral pieces are here performed direct from a manuscript that is located in Stockholm. In short: works of genius; champagne in music.

August Söderman - Vol.2
EAN: 7393338104025
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • August Söderman (1832–76)
  • Concert Overture in F major
  • Zohrab, overture
  • Wedding March from ‘The Wedding at Ulfåsa’
  • King Karl XV’s Funeral March
  • Intermezzo (A Sailor’s Life)
  • Burlesque
  • Swedish Folk-songs and Folk-dances
  • Ceremonial Polonaise
  • Bellman Melodies
Framförd av: Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera - Roy Goodman
A collection of some unfamiliar and some very well-known works by Söderman.What a talent this composer had! Once again, the ever elegant Mendelssohn is the rôle model, for example in the ‘Zohrab’ overture. This CD contains the only commercial recording of the classic wedding march from ‘TheWedding at Ulfåsa’.