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Richard Wetz
EAN: 7393338104124
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Richard Wetz (1875–1935)
  • Symphony No.3 in B flat major Op.48
Framförd av: Berlin Symphony Orchestra - Erich Peter
An obstinate and headstrong composer who, despite the relatively later period at which he lived, insisted on remaining true to the Romantic idiom that he developed to perfection. Bruckner is never far away in this ardent, dramatic music.

Hans Huber - Symphony No.1
EAN: 7393338104223
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Hans Huber (1852–1921)
  • Symphony No.1 ‘Tell Symphony’ in D minor Op.63
  • Symphony No.7 ‘Swiss’ in D minor
Framförd av: Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra - Jörg-Peter Weigle
The composer’s first and penultimate symphonies form an interesting contrast. The First, strident and confrontational, has Berlioz as its source of inspiration, whilst the Seventh ends with a complicated variation movement and breathes Swiss National Romanticism. This music demands repeated listening for its full greatness to emerge.

Ivar Hallström
EAN: 7393338104322
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Ivar Hallström (1826-1901)
  • Ett äfventyr i Skottland, ballet in two acts (collaboration with Conrad Nordqvist)
  • En dröm, ballet in one act
Framförd av: Malmö Opera Orchestra - Michael Bartosch
At one time these ballets were virtually standard repertoire works at the Stockholm opera. Charming, pictorial ballet images; the first ballet takes Scottish melodies as its point of departure.

Josef Otto af Sillén
EAN: 7393338104421
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Josef Otto af Sillén (1859–1951)
  • Violin Concerto in E minor
  • Symphony No.3 in E minor
Framförd av: Christian Bergqvist, violin / Gävle Symphony Orchestra - Göran W Nilson
Josef Otto af Sillén was by profession an insurance executive, but he also received a thorough education as a composer. The Violin Concerto has a lyrical style that is unique in Swedish music, although it was written after Romantic music had passed its zenith.

Stenhammar - Music for the Theatre
EAN: 7393338104520
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871–1927)
  • Music for the Theatre
  • Som ni behagar (As You Like It)
  • Ett drömspel(A Dream Play)
  • Romeo och Julia (Romeo and Juliet)
Framförd av: Soloists / members of the Helsingborg Concert Hall Choir /Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra - Arvo Volmer
Stenhammar’s noble, individual style never fails. The reason why these works are never heard is that they were written as incidental music to plays performed at the Lorensberg Theatre in Gothenburg. ‘A Dream Play’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ have been assembled into concert suites by Hilding Rosenberg, who retained the beautiful shifts of mood in the score to ‘A Dream Play’, especially the sweeping, Sibelian orchestral tutti at the end.

Burgmüller / Staehle
EAN: 7393338104629
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Norbert Burgmüller (1810–36)
  • Symphony No.1 in C minor Op.2
  • Hugo Staehl (1826–48)
  • Symphony No.1 in C minor
Framförd av: Orchester des Staatstheaters Kassel - Marc Piollet
Two composers from Kassel. Both died young – which was especially tragic in the case of Burgmüller, whose talented and interesting musical style (and fate) bring to mind Franz Schubert. Both symphonies are solid, well-formed works that resemble the music of Schubert.

Hans Huber - Symphony No. 4-8
EAN: 7393338104728
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Hans Huber (1852–1921)
  • Symphony No.4 ‘Academic’ in A major
  • Symphony No.8 in F major
Framförd av: Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra - Jörg-Peter Weigle
The last disc in our Huber symphony cycle. Symphony No. 4 is more serene and inward-looking than his other works in this genre. Saint-Saëns seems to be a major source of inspiration. Symphony No. 8 is again vivid and personal – but mainly idyllic, like most of the Huber symphonies. One of the great storytellers among composers!

Paul Büttner
EAN: 7393338104827
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Paul Büttner (1870–1943)
  • Heroic Overture
  • Symphony No.4 in B minor
Framförd av: Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra - Hans-Peter Frank / Gerhard Pflüger
This is hardly believable. Here is an absolutely first-rate late romantic composer, forgotten because the Nazis made him forgotten! He remained loyal to his Jewish wife and to his political convictions, and lost all his important positions in Dresden musical life. He was much inspired by Richard Strauss, and his orchestral texture is full of longing, radiant beauty. He has the same absolute command of the orchestra as Richard Strauss!

Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen
EAN: 7393338104926
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen (1838–1915)
  • Reformationshymnus (Symphony No.5) Op.36
  • Die Toteninsel, symphonic poem
  • Neger-Lieder und Tänze, Op.26
  • Abschieds-Klänge, Op.28
Framförd av: Moscow Symphony Orchestra - Adriano
The first results of the collaboration between Sterling and the remarkable conductor Adriano. A beautifully crafted symphonic poem, ’Die Toteninsel’, and a dramatic and solemn ‘Reformation’ symphony.

Tor Aulin
EAN: 7393338105022
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Tor Aulin (1866–1914)
  • Concert Piece for violin and orchestra, Op.7
  • Concerto No.2 in A minor for violin and orchestra, Op.11
  • Dances from Gotland for orchestra, Op.28
  • Swedish Dances for orchestra, Op.32
Framförd av: Tobias Ringborg, violin / Gävle Symphony Orchestra - Niklas Willén
Very Mendelsohnian concertos, coupled here with original and very characterfully orchestrated dances based on Swedish folk tunes.