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Robert Hermann
EAN: 7393338108122
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Robert Hermann (1869-1912)
  • Symphonie No.1 in C major
  • Symphonie No.2 in A minor
Framförd av: Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen - Christopher Fifield
Here is a completely individual Swiss romantic who also worked as a doctor. The music is on the verge of Romantic music. The first symphony is idyllic in character, while the second is much more dramatic with a beautiful crafted little scherzo. The first movement seems inspired of the Swiss cuckoo clock. This thematic idea runs through most of the symphony. Those who enjoy music by Butterworth and contemporary composers will enjoy this release.

Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
EAN: 7393338108221
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Wilhelm Peterson-Berger(1867-1942)
  • Arnljot - Excerpts
Framförd av: Erland Hagegård / Karin Langebo / Edith Thallaug / Björn Asker / Kåge Jehrlander / Male Chorus from the Stockholm Philharmonic Choir / Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra - Okko Kamu
At last! The famous LP now transferred successfully to CD. All the important parts of the opera are included! This is a transfer from the historical performance in the Stockholm Concert Hall from 1973. The March to the Assembly Hall, the Greeting songs and the finales are highlights, and English text is provided for whoever feels inclined to sing along.

Zygmunt Noskowski
EAN: 7393338108320
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Zygmunt Noskowski (1846-1909)
  • Symphony No.1 in A major
  • Morskie Oko
  • Pan Zolzikiewicz overture
Framförd av: National Polish Symphony Orchestra - Slawek Wroblewski / Gabriel Chmura / and Zygmunt Rychert
This CD commemorates the fact that this great unknown romantic master died one hundred years ago. The Polish conductor, teacher and composer Noskowski was a leading figure in the impressive Polish music scene around 1900, working alongside such people as Paderewski, Scharwenka, and Moszkowski. These works show that also as a composer, he could measure up to his contemporaries!

Eyvind Alnæs
EAN: 7393338108429
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Eyvind Alnæs (1872-1932)
  • Symphony No.1 C minor Op.7
  • Symphony No.2 D major Op.43
Framförd av: Latvian Natioanl Symphony Orchestra - Terje Mikkelsen
This recording is released on Hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) format. SACD provides the precision of digital technology while retaining the warmth of analog sound. Eyvind Alnæs' place in the history of Norwegian music has first and foremost been secured by his many beautiful songs. The two symphonies presented to a modern audience for the first time on this disc will compel us to re-evaluating our image of the composer.

Joachim Raff
EAN: 7393338108528
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Joachim Raff (1822-1882)
  • Suite for Piano and Orchestra Op.200
  • Die Eifersüchtigen – Overture
  • König Alfred – Overture
  • Dröschen – Vorspiel / Die Dornhecke
  • Samson – Vorspiel 3. aktSymphony No.1 in A major
Framförd av: Tra Nguyen, piano / Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera – Roland Kluttig
By the time Joachim Raff began composing works for solo instruments and orchestra, he had been in Franz Liszt’s inner circle for several years as a full participants in the Weimar avant-garde. Having been intimately involved in the creation and orchestration of the earliest versions of at least two of Liszt’s three formally-named piano concerti, it is not surprising therefore, that Raff’s own first concerto followed, in a general sort of way, Liszt’s model of interconnected, thematically related movements

Ole Olsen
EAN: 7393338108627
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Ole Olsen (1850-1927)
  • Asgaardsreien op.10
  • Symphony in G op.5
  • Suite for string orchestra, Op.60
Framförd av: Latvian Natioanl Symphony Orchestra - Terje Mikkelsen
This recording is released on Hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) format. SACD provides the precision of digital technology while retaining the warmth of analog sound.
At the age of 29, in 1879 Ole Olsen went on his first international tour, conducting his music in Leipzig, Colone and Paris. The main work on this tour was Op.10 Asgaardsreien (The ride of Asgaard) which was wery well received. This encuraged him to extend his travelling for another two years touring Wienna and during this time made useful contacts with Liszt, Brahms and Goldmark. His catalogue includes music for a wide variety of occations and instrument combinations. His Symphony in G is the only symphony but he composed a lot of songs and cantats and a number of occational pieces.

Théodore Gouvy
EAN: 7393338108726
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Théodore Gouvy (1819-98)
  • Symphony No 2 F major op.12
  • Pharaphrases symphoniques Op.89
  • Fantasie symphonique
Framförd av: Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen - Thomas Kalb
Gouvy was more concerned with balance, moderation and good taste than in operatic glamour that would doubtless have brought him fame and fortune. But, as he came from a wealthy family, he never had to accept artistic compromise in order to survive, and was thus able to compose in the idiom that interested him most, even if it seems an unpopular one.

Berhard Zweers
EAN: 7393338108825
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Berhard Zweers (1854-1924)
  • Symphony No 3 Aan mijn vaderland
Framförd av: Het Residentie Orkester, Den Haag - Hans Vonk
That Third Symphony (1887-1889) was to become by far Zweers’ most famous work. Its large scale prohibited it from being performed very often and made publication expensive, but the work was, and is, regarded as a milestone in the development of Dutch music, combining folk tunes with a lyrical description Dutch landscapes

Joachim Raff - Works for Choir, Piano & Orchestra
EAN: 7393338108924
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Joachim Raff (1822-1882)
  • Die Tageszeiten, Konzertante in vier satzen Op.209
  • Morgenlied Op.187a
  • Einer Entschlafenen Op.186
  • Die Sterne WoO 53
Framförd av: The Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera - Andrea Quinn / Tra Nguyen, piano
Raff was very prolific, and by the end of his life was one of the best known German composers, though his work is largely forgotten today (only one of his pieces, a cavatina for violin and piano, is performed with any regularity today, sometimes as an encore). He drew influence from a variety of sources - his eleven symphonies, for example, combine the Classical symphonic form, with the Romantic penchant for program music and contrapuntal orchestral writing which harks back to the Baroque.

Paul Graener
EAN: 7393338109020
Prisgrupp: GA1
  • Paul Graener (1872-1944)
  • Wiener Sinfonie Op.110
  • MDie Flöte von Sanssouci op.88
  • Turmwächterlied Op.107
  • Flötenkonzert Op.116
Framförd av: Philharmonisches Orchester Altenburg-Gera - Erik Solén / Andreas Knoop / Cornelia Grohmann
All four works on this CD comes from Graener later period, which started around 1930 with the suite 'Die Flüte von Sancouci' This suite was to prove to be Graener most popular orchestral piece.
It is both remarkable and revealing - bearing in mind the background of the war in April 44, the bombing in Berlin and the need to flee from the city that Graener chose to base his last completed work on this particular German folk song from 1793 - Enjoy your life.