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Jelena Jangfelt
EAN: 7393338165026
Prisgrupp: DA1
  • Arsenii Tarkovskij
    • Another Summer Has Passed
  • Joseph Brodsky
    • The Centenary Of Anna Akhmatova
    • Returning Home
  • Alexander Blok / Anna Akhmatova
    • Frightful Is Beauty
  • Osip Mandelsam
    • I'm Equal With Others
  • Boris Pasternak
    • Eva
  • Maria Petrovykh
    • Tell Me How To Live
  • Mikhail Lermontov
    • The Testament
  • Vladimir Sokolov
    • The Railway Coach
  • traditional
    • Lili Marlene
    • Who Can Row Without Oars?
    • I Leave Everything Behind
  • Alexander Ivardovskij
    • The Ferryman
  • Nikolai Rubtsov
    • An Alcoholic's Elegy
  • Nikolai Oleinikov
    • Life Is Frightful On This Earth...
  • Guillaume Apollinaire
    • The Gypsy
    • Pont Mirabeau
Framförd av: Jelena Jangfeldt-Jakubovitch
This remarkable lady, nowadays living in Sweden has set to music several famous russian poets among them Joseph Brodsky. This is a different record to anything else -she is very poetic,very slow, very moving.Music is unique, very difficult to label. She sings the songs herself. Do you like Russian sentimentalism, you will love this one!

Brahms sonatas
EAN: 7393338165125
Prisgrupp: DA1
  • Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
    • Sonata Op.100 in A major
    • Sonata Op.108 in D minor
    • Sonata Op.78 in G major
Framförd av: Tobias Ringborg, violin / Anders Kilström, piano
Tobias Ringborg is a versatile Swedish artist, who initially became famous through his violin playing. These are highly competitive performances with Ringborg’s excellent feeling for technique.

John Sax - Winterreise
EAN: 7393338165224
Prisgrupp: DA1
  • Franz Schubert(1887–1955)
    • Winterreise Op.89
Framförd av: John Sax, batirone / Viktor Åslund, piano
A daring choice of repertoire. Sax belongs to the new generation of singers, with a deep baritone voice, very well suited to the darker songs in Winterreise. He has a strong feeling for the texts, which is particularly evident in the first four songs!

Leif Aruhn-Solén - Songs of the heart
EAN: 7393338165323
Prisgrupp: DA1
  • Gunnar de Frumerie (1908-1987)
    • Hjärtats sånger
  • Ture Rangström (1884-1947)
    • Melodi
    • Paradisets timma
    • Pan
    • Vingar i natten
    • Bön till natten
  • Adolf Wiklund(1879-1950)
    • En solvisa
    • Som mandelblom...
    • Serenad
    • Silkessko over gulden laest
  • Hugo Alfvén (1872-1960)
    • Saa tag mit hjerte
    • I stilla timmar
    • Skogen sover
  • Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867-1942)
    • Fyra visor i svenska folkton
  • Emil Sjögren (1853-1918)
    • Tannhäuser-Lieder
Framförd av: Leif Aruhn-Solén, tenor / Viktor Åslund, piano
Aruhn-Solén comes from a singer´s family, both his mother and father are very active as singers. His voice is well suited for songs in the most intimate scale, for instance the Frumerie songs, and the Wiklund songs -here recorded for the first time.

Stig Ribbing
EAN: 7393338165422
Prisgrupp: DA1
  • Johann Gottlieb Naumann (1741-1801)
    • Sonata nr.2 i D minor
    • Sonata nr.5 i G minor
    • Sonata nr.6 i E major
  • Joseph Martin Kraus (1756-1792)
    • Tre Variations - Stycken för Fortepiano
  • Johan Wikmanson (1753-1800)
    • Divertissement på Söderfors bruk i D major
    • Fragmenter för min lilla flicka nr 2 i A major
    • Ur Sonat, Trio ur menuett i C Major
    • Ur Sonat, Final: Hönshuset. Badinage i C major
  • Johan Agrell (1701-1767)
    • Ur Sonata nr 5 Menuett
    • Ur Sonata nr 6, Variation IV
  • Olof Åhlström (1756-1835)
    • Sonatina nr.2 i G major
    • Pastoral i G major
Framförd av: Örebro Symphony Orchestra - Stig Westerberg
Stig Ribbing was one of the leading Swedish pianists of his time. Here is a CD (originally released as two LPs) with a number of different instruments from the Stockholm Museum of Music. Many charming original instruments, played with an instinctive feeling for pre-Mozart pieces. Composers include Agrell, Naumann and Kraus.

Lars Sellergren Plays – Volume 1
EAN: 7393338165521
Prisgrupp: C2
  • Johannes Brahms (1741-1801)
    • Piano Concerto No.1 Op.15 i D major
  • Cesar Franck (1756-1792)
    • Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra M46
  • Ludwig van Beethoven (1753-1800)
    • Piano Concerto no.4 Op.58 i G major
  • Robert Schumann (1701-1767)
    • Piano Concerto Op.54 i A minor
Framförd av: Lars Sellergren, piano / Stockholm Philharmonic - Sixten Ehrling / James de Priest / Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Stig Westerberg / Sixten Eckerberg /
Lars Sellergren became known after many years as the leading Swedish pianist at Swedish Radio. And he certainly was versatile. He had an enormous repertoire. This is the first volume in a series; it contains famous works such as the Brahms’s First Concerto with Sixten Ehrling as conductor (a performance highly praised by Ehrling) and first-class performances of the Schumann Concerto and the Franck Symphonic Variations. His rendering of the Schumann Concerto belongs to the legato school with more emphasis on detail than on exuberance.

Precious things
EAN: 7393338165729
Prisgrupp: DA1
  • Lille Bror Söderlundh(1871–1936)
    • Precious things
Framförd av: Torsten Mossberg, tenor / Anders Karlqvist, piano
Torsten Mossberg, who also works as as a physician, is a most distinguished singer. On this CD we finally hear these Söderlund songs in one collection – much needed. All the songs have translations. They cover a large range: some tragic, some ironic, some love songs. Mossberg knows how to handle the different themes – you will love the way he handles for instance Villermo (Strindberg) and En Valsmelodi (a true Swedish classic by Nils Ferlin).

Var inte rädd för mörkret (Don’t be afraid of the dark)
EAN: 7393338165828
Prisgrupp: DA1
  • Karin Rehnquist (1741-1801)
    • Var inte rädd för mörkret
  • traditional
    • Goder Morgen i denna
    • Sal Staffanspotpurri
    • Guds Son är född
    • Det är en ros utsprungen
    • Bereden väg, för Herran
    • Välkommen, O Jesu
  • Teodoro Cottrau (1827-1879)
    • Sancta Lucia
  • Ivar Widéen (1871-1951)
    • Betlehems stjärna
  • Otto Olsson (1879-1964)
    • Advent
    • Det brinner en stjärna
  • Jan-Åke Hillerud (1938- )
    • Veni Emanuel
  • Max Reger (1873-1916)
    • Marias vaggsång
  • Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)
    • Julvisa
  • Ruben Liljefors (1871-1936)
    • När det lider mot jul
  • John Francis Wade (1711-1786)
    • Adeste fideles
  • Gustaf Nordqvist (1886-1949)
    • Jul, jul, strålande jul
  • Enrico Bossi (1861-1925)
    • Cantate Domino
Framförd av: Oscars Kammarkör - Anders Colldén / Pär Olofsson
Christmas songs with the Oscar Chamber Choir. One might perhaps imagine these songs to be too local, too Swedish. But some of them definitely hold a place in classical repertoire in general, for instance Bossi’s Cantate Domino with its fantastic solemn beginning with brass.

Lars Sellergren Plays – Volume 2
Prisgrupp: C2
  • Johann Sebastian Bach(1685-1750)
    • Das Wohltemperierte Klavier
      Book 1
Framförd av: Lars Sellergren, piano
Not only the playing (on a traditional piano) makes this and the earlier issue remarkable. There is also a most interesting account of the music in the booklet, written by Lars Sellergren himself. It is fascinating to read his comments on Bach and the way the music is conceived. And the playing itself is both simple and beautiful with an emphasis on melody, performed with excellent technique!